Mango + Chocolate Ice cream 
Walk & snap this are two kind of thing that people like to do because its become very trendy and enjoyable.  As a new generation we know that internet is a very important thing to all of us and it's like our new basic needed. What walk and snap mean??? here is the answer  people nowadays like to taking a lot of pictures in wherever their are this is because of the influence from modernization era, this trend become more famous and acceptable in worldwide. The social network like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and many more  also help us to connecting with old friends,chatting with a new friends . So we always snap a picture and upload it's to our own social network account, this kind of things become more addicted especially to the youth. This new things really enjoyable but there have a pro and contrast so we need to be careful in whatever we do in our life because every single time is so meaningful and enjoyable. I personally thinks that we need to accepting this but we won't forget about the rest.  

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  1. I really love your shoes :D