For the first time I feel like I’m gonna die to say “bye” huhuh, it’s hard to saying good bye but I have to say it maybe not now but when the date is coming because the Goodbye word is already calling me huhuhu. I hate to say Good bye but yeah, the days that I’m waiting for it about to happen and I need to get ready hundred percent... I need to wake up and make sure that everything gonna be alright. I hate moving to the new places and it gonna be hard to me too comfortable myself with the new environment but I’ll try my best to living there and be strong enough. Even It hard for me but I will do my best as could as I can, this is what I wanted for a years and now it about to happen and I will do my best and I’m gonna fight to be the best as I could and I promise to myself to be one of the best human in the world hahahahhaah. Okay guys that it I’ll see you again if I have a free time hahah byeee.

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