by - 27 June

No matter how much we consider ourselves to be individuals, most of us have an innate need to be accepted by whomever we consider to be our peer group and will alter the way we present ourselves and our buying habits accordingly. The following of fashion and trends are often about personal validation, acceptance and self-esteem rather than practicality or economy.

Eco chic is a term becoming increasingly prevelant – it simply means a combination of trendiness and environment. Eco chic is not just the perceived environmental impact of what you wear/have, but how it was made and the hip factor of the company producing it – with the latter being down to effective marketing. While it seems the latest essential fashion accessory is a social conscience, eco chic can be as much, if not more, about social status as it is about environment.

The eco chic mentality goes way beyond clothing – it extends to all aspects of life where having the green, cool brand-name version of anything bought from hip retailers is important – even down to the slogan emblazoned on a shopping bag made from recycled or earth-friendly materials. I’ve seen basic unbranded hemp tote bags selling for as little as $7.50, but up to $30 for the same bag with an eco chic company name or a pithy saying on it stating that the owner is environmentally savvy. You could write “contains earth friendly items” on a plain bag yourself for free :).

So as to achieve the eco-chic  vision so I'm trying to reuse a wasted cloth like old jeans to make it a brand new just like on the picture that is the final prototype where I design an vest coat and also a A-line dress and also can be a pinafore it is because I wanted to make this prototype look more edgy at the same time can be multi styling

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