||Oversized Shirt: THrifted||
||Skinny Jeans:  Thrifted|
||Shoe: Air Max from Paper Plane||

Hallo you day????? i hope that You guys have a great day ahead. first at all I want to say that I'm so excited to posting this post, I don't know why i fell like this maybe this mix feeling came over me because of i will continuing my studies next month or nervous for no reason or I don't know I probably have no idea about what i feel. Okay guys I just wonder that when living in a small town you maybe has no idea what you gonna do there or maybe that place maybe a bit boring so i have a tips for you guys, why not you guys exploring some interesting place that you have been right now  maybe you will find something and you also will experiencing a new adventure or maybe that will be you favorite places. Once you get exploring that places maybe you will finding best of the best or what i called it is "Best In Town". After almost four month i didn't have a thing to do (maybe some). I trying to do a things that I like and finally I got this for you guys the best in my town (Tenom a small town in sabah).so i just went to this place's were recomanded by my friend today and it was amazing place and it one of the best in here or i call it best in town. The place is Tfc Coffee,is a new place in here. This place a one of the best cafe in here (Tenom) and their have a great qualities coffee, I give them a 10 Star because of the great quality coffee that their serve. The Coffee in here just like another popular coffee cafe in Malaysia. What I love about this cafe are their give a best ideal prices and the place is really relaxing and such an ideal place to had a meeting or date with someone. If you not a coffee lover don't worry you still can go to this cafe because the also serve a Jus like "Vitamin Water","Esprit","Stewart's Snapple" and "Apple Tree" Lastly I'm so excited to be in here and i will visit this cafe again, thanks for give some attention to read this and have a nice day people....daaaaaaaaaa...


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