||Oversized turtle neck velvet shirt: Thrifted||
||Black high socks: Rakuten Malaysia||
||Black sheersatin shirt: Thrifted||
||Leather belt: Thrifted||
||Long chain necklace: Diva||
|| Cut-off jeans: Thrifted||

Hallo guys, how you day ?? I just want to share to you guys that the pieces on this outfit was one of my favorite. I just think that the turtle neck was the great  piece for me, even though in Malaysia this kind of cloth not suitable in certain places because of the weather. I just want to wear the turtle neck all the time but yeah the weather in here really hot even during the night. So i think that you can wear turtle neck all the time by wearing it with cut-off jeans and it will be a great combination of the pieces. I'm not even care about the weather or comfortable thing as long as I'm happy with what i'm wear. My suggestion to you guys if you love to wear something but not suit with the situation just wear it and you will feel satisfied.

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