This white sport shoes from ZARA

Sources from my Tumblr blog

Holla readers.. Seems like I've been searching and collecting a new collections, I don't know what it is but I think currently I just got some inspiration from the white color. Like when you see that you became interested on it that was what I'm feel right now,i think that I'm kinda love or obsess with white. When you visiting my Tumblr blog you will know what I try to say.Actually all of that pictures was reblog on my Tumblr blog  (if you don't mind visit my Tumblr blog hihihi). White color is a special among the other colors, what special about this color is you always can match it with the other colors and also white as well. This elegant color can change a someone personality especially when it become in fashion. So here my point is we should has a pairs of white cloth even though you not wearing it but we need to have it its like our basic needed. 


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